Wireless Access Point Vs Router: Which one is better?

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When discussing an internet system, you may usually come across two terms more than others i.e. a wireless access point and a router. Both these terms represent two completely different things used in setting up a WIFI system.

A wireless access point is the area within which you can access the network. The router has a range of areas around it into which it can send signals for connecting to the internet and the more inside a person is in the access point the stronger the network connection he gets.

While a router is a device usually set up by your network provider company through which we connect the available network to our gadgets and it provides us the network connection in our desired location.

Information about the networks and solutions can also be found on tesswave’s page. To know more about a wireless access point and a router let’s take a look at the main differences between them

Prices of a router vs wireless access point

Normally a router is considered more expensive than a wireless access point as a router needs to be set up and is a one-time investment. However, on the other hand, wireless access points can also get costly depending upon the range of area we need to cover.

Security features in a router vs wireless access point

A router comes with an internally integrated firewall system as well as has a wide variety of other security features installed in it while on the contrary, a wireless access point has simple security management systems.

Functioning of a router vs wireless access point

A router connects our gadgets to the network and it helps to transfer data between the connected devices or the network while the wireless access point allows all available wireless devices to connect over large distances inside the range of the access point.

A number of ports present in a router vs wireless access point

A router is a device that can be connected to many other devices for multiple uses. It works with electricity so it has a charging port in addition to the various other ports it has for Ethernet cables etc. The wireless access point is built with a single connection port which is made for the Rj45-type connectors.

Area coverage of a router vs wireless access point

A router covers your house premises or a building where you have installed it and sends out network signals within the premises where it is installed however a wireless access point extends your normal network range and provides connection as far as between multiple buildings and premises.

Managing a router vs a wireless access point

Router has a wide variety of features such as VPN, firewall, network address, etc. It handles all these functions inside the network so it has to be managed and checked accordingly while a wireless access point simply connects various networks and works on the transmission of signals.

Connectivity of a router vs wireless access point

A router allows a maximum of 10-20 people to connect at a time however with having a wireless access point the maximum number of people that can connect to a network increases to 50 or even 100.


A router can be a perfect decision for connecting to the network inside a house or a building but for businesses and other effective working on the network and allowing a maximum number of people to connect to it, you should use a wireless access point.

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