What size solar PV system should you install?

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Natural resources have always played a key role in the development of a country, just like the sun does. Other natural resources, such as coal and natural gas, are either not environment-friendly or limited, and they cannot be used for longer periods. But the sun is such a resource that it will not stop providing sunlight. So, it’s the most suitable choice at the moment. It can save your energy costs to a large extent. All you need to do is install solar panels in your home or workplace. If you plan to do so, you must wonder how many solar panels will be required for your home or office. You can visit websites online to get an idea of 5kW, 6kW, 6.6kW, and 20kW solar systems. A 5kw solar system¬†works best for a home as it can easily fulfil your home’s electricity needs.

Solar PV systems have sizes ranging from one or two panels to covering your home’s entire roof. However, this mainly depends upon how much electricity your house uses, the space you have, and the money you’ll be paying for this purpose. All these factors must be considered before installing a solar PV system.

The power output of a solar system

What’s the power output of a solar system? Usually, a residential solar panel’s power output is no more than 300 Watts. However, if the solar panel is good enough, it may give you more than 400 Watts. So, if you want to make a solar array of 1.2kW, you must have four solar panels, each having a power output of 300 watts. You can calculate further if the demand for electricity for your home or office is high.

Sizes of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Below are the sizes of some solar PV systems and their associated power output. The annual power output is just a random estimation and may vary depending on environmental factors. Please look at it and decide what size solar PV system you should install.

  • A 1kW solar system can easily give you an annual output of 850-1000kWh
  • A 3kW solar system can give you a yearly production of 2500- 3000kWh
  • A 5kW solar system can provide you with an annual result of 4500 to 6000kWh
  • A 6kW solar system can provide you with a yearly output of 4800-10000kwh
  • A 20kW solar system has an annual capacity of producing 27000 units.

Calculating the right size of the solar system

You can calculate the right size of solar PV system for your home. To do this, you must answer three questions before deciding the size of your solar PV system:

  • How much electricity is required for your household usage?
  • How much space does your roof have?
  • What’s the amount you can pay easily?

Out of the above three questions, the third one has the utmost importance. So, take into account all the relevant factors, and then you’ll be able to decide what size of solar PV system you should install for your household usage.

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