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No one can underestimate Zoom’s popularity in conducting online audio or visual meetings. It has played an incredible role in connecting people from around the globe.

When conducting meetings, it is often essential to record or document them. This is true, especially for high-profile meetings or business meetings. With recordings or documents, employees can recall the key points and stay aligned with the project requirements.

Human or manual meeting recording or transcription is difficult and time taking. Here the tool which reduces your stress and does the magic is EaseText. You can Transcribe Zoom Meetings on the go. Find everything you need to know on EaseText right in this short guide.

How To Transcribe Zoom Meetings Using EaseText?

You can follow these steps to begin to transcribe zoom meetings:

  • The process starts with downloading the EaseText software. After downloading, install the EaseText.
  • Later launch the EaseText software. When it opens up, click on the transcribe option
  • Clicking on it will open up the window which requires the file name, file storage path, and transcribe language
  • After entering the above details, you need to start the zoom meeting
  • As soon as the session begins, the transcriptions begin. The software allows you to edit or proofread the document if needed
  • After editing, you can transport the file to your operating system. It offers multiple transport options such as .txt, html, doc or even PDF.

What Makes EaseText Worth It?

Several features and benefits add up to the worth of the EaseText software. Some of the essential features are:

Quick Information Access

Time is the key to success. No one can underestimate the importance of time. EaseText takes this into account strictly. What is said in the meeting gets transcribed at the same instant. If a meeting involves people who have a hearing impairment can access the information directly on their screen. This feature makes every single piece of information available to the readers.

Zero Grammatical Error

Grammar does matter when it comes to text. Wrong comprehension can misguide users. But EaseText does not compromise comprehension. The AI which operates the software is advanced and precise. You cannot expect faulty content. Instead, the text on your screen is free from grammatical errors. This feature makes EaseText software desirable to the end users.

Quick Search

There are instances when someone arrives late to the meeting due to personal reasons. The easeText transcribe option allows you to search for anything you missed. If you missed the entire meeting, you can get the transcription of the whole meeting. This will lead you to instant access to any important point. You can retrieve any point through a search.

Record Keeping

Transcribe zoom meetings with EaseText allow you to prepare the record of the meeting. This way, you don’t need to put extra effort into compiling meeting records. Later you can access each piece of the record whenever you need. This also boosts your company’s productivity. You can directly retrieve any meeting for any particular year through your transcribed records.

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