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Apple has a thing for going out of the norm. Although, many phone mounts are versatile enough to house an iPhone. But buying a specific holder does a supreme job.

Therefore, it is important to know the best products in the market. Because a cracked iPhone never has the same charm! Below are some products best liked by customers. Stay tuned to find your dream iPhone stand.

Adjustable Aluminum Charging Phone Mount

Placing your phone on a comfortable table while charging is no less than an ordeal; sometimes the cable won’t reach your table, or it is too strained. Here the charging phone mount from UGREEN can work its magic.

There is no installation required. Just unpack, and it’s ready to use. You can place your phone on the cradle of the stand and adjust its height. There is a small opening in the middle of the cradle to pass the charging cable.

This adjustable phone mount is compatible with 4.7-7.9 inches long and 0.47 wide phones. Its sturdy Aluminum alloy structure provides the needed stability and keeps the phone from tripping. It is an ideal pick for Apple phones as it has the required room. However, it also works for lightweight tablets and Android phones having approved dimensions.

Gooseneck Phone Holder

Do you want to use your phone but don’t want to leave the couch? Gooseneck phone holder from UGREEN provides a solution. It has an 800mm long arm with a sturdy clamp on one end. The installation is easy, and you can get going in a few moments.

Unpack the holder. Clamp the base on a table’s edge. The clamp opens up to 8cm and fits well on various shelves and tables. The gooseneck is flexible and adjustable to horizontal and vertical orientations. You can stretch it or fold it for a comfortable position.

Height Adjustable Phone Stand

This stand with a 71mm adjustable height has a flat base and requires a flat surface to stand. It is not fit for slanting surfaces. Looking similar to an adjustable charging stand, it works for 7 to 9.8 inches phones. There are two orientations possible; portrait and landscape. The 45-degree adjustable angle helps set the device at a comfy angle.

Like all the other stands, this one needs no installation. It is ready to rock out of the box. The small opening in the lower side allows inserting a charging cable while the phone is on a stand.

Lazy Arm Tablet Holder

Similar to gooseneck holders, this phone holder attaches to the corner of the table. The base clip has a tightening screw. Rotate it until secured firmly. Test by slight jerks if the screw is fixed or not. It uses a ball head for a 360 rotation. The clamp opens 52 mm wide, and the arms allow 180-degree adjustability.

You can use it for recording a video from above or a face on one. The clusters hold your iPhone firm. And it doesn’t shake, ultimately providing the best results. Furthermore, you can also use it to house a tablet.


Numerous users question whether a normal stand will work for their iPhones. Yes, they will as every stand as an approved device list. However, you should always read the product’s specifications to clear all doubts. The products above are best for Apple users. Be it an iPhone or an iPad. But you can use them for Android phones as well.

UGREEN is known for manufacturing the best iPhone-compatible stands. Their quality and price are a great match. You can also verify the product’s goodness by the customer reviews.

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