Pros and Cons of Air AR Glasses

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Nowadays, the trend towards buying and using augmented reality glasses is growing rapidly. It is due to the fact that they bring an unseen visual experience that looks like a dream. However, it’s good to have some insights into the products you’re going to buy or use. AR glasses from different companies come with different features, prices, pros, and cons. Here, this article discusses the pros and cons of air ar glasses to help you gain more insights into them. Through this, you would be able to make a better decision about if you should proceed to buy them or look for other alternatives. So, let’s start evaluating its pros and cons.

Pros of Air AR Glasses

Xreal’s Air AR glasses come with the following amazing advantages to ensure an incredible experience for the users.

A magical visual experience

They bring a magical visual experience for the people which is beyond seeing the 3D content. Instead, you can use these incredible glasses to enjoy the most mesmerizing AR space, air casting, and spatial displays. You can also use them for virtual desktops by stepping out to the limited work screen of your electronic devices.

Extra light in weight

Moreover, these glasses are extra light in weight making you feel as if you are wearing nothing. Their only 79g of weight makes them easy to go with your eyes even for prolonged hours.

Flicker-free design with low blue light

The Air AR glasses have won the TUV certification for their flicker-free design that allows the lowest blue light. As blue light is harmful to the eyes, they block a large portion of those blue light rays and hence, play a great role in eyes comfort and protection.

Greater compatibility

Another impressive advantage of using these glasses is that they don’t restrict their usage to only specific devices. Instead, you can use them with any electronic device i.e. laptops, desktops, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and other PCs, etc.

Ideal for PC, gaming, and movies

They are the best choice for an incredible gaming experience for unlimited fun. They also boost the fun of watching movies or using PCs through their mind-blowing and aesthetically appealing visuals.

Supports learning, training, coaching

If you want to boost learning or assist yourself through better training or effective coaching, these glasses are the best. Not only for yourself but you can also use these for your children, students, employees, or for anyone.

Turn boredom into fun

They are a great way to end boredom by converting it into endless fun without stepping out of your home.

Cons of Air AR Glasses

Besides all the above pros, these glasses also have two negative sides which are as follows.

A bit costly

You may feel as if they are costly and highly priced. However, this one-time investment benefits you in the long run, and its features are worth this price.

Not available for worldwide delivery

Unfortunately, they are not available for worldwide delivery. Hopefully, they will be available to many other countries soon.


When you compare the advantages of these Air AR glasses with their negative sides, their advantages are greater. So, this makes them the most reliable and must-buy product to revolutionize your life for endless fun and entertainment.

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