Nokia to release new version of its classic 6310 ‘brick phone’

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Pick up the phone — nostalgia is calling!

Nokia is releasing an updated version of its classic 6310 “brick phone” two decades after the original model went on sale.

The 6310 came out back in March 2001, and quickly became one of the most popular devices that the Finnish telecommunications company ever manufactured.

Owners adored the phone for its sturdy design and long-lasting battery — both of which are features of the new edition.

While many modern cell phones smash upon dropping, Nokia claims the new 6310 is tough enough to “take life’s bumps.”

And with users often complaining that their contemporary smartphones run out of battery life within hours, the 6310 reportedly won’t have you running for a power outlet.

Nokia says the phone can survive a staggering three weeks between charges.

The updated 6310 features some slightly different specifications.
But while the long battery life and tough “brick” design remain in place, some specifications have been altered for the new model.

The original 6310 had a 1.8-inch screen, which has now been expanded to 2.8 inches. A camera and more memory have also been added. Additionally, the device will be available in several different colors.

Fans of the phone reacted with excitement on Twitter.

“Concrete effort has made by Nokia to turn back time … Classic is Back,” one person proclaimed.

Another wrote: “Yes, was probably the last phone that actually worked ‘As a Phone’ & will probably sell well on that pretext. People have enough of iPhone updates making their phones unusable after 18 months…”

The new 6310 is pictured.

Indeed, the phone might find an audience of people eager to reduce their screen time.

However, the 6310 still features the popular, low-tech game Snake, which had original users hooked for hours on end.

At present, Nokia has announced the new 6310 will first be available for customers in the UK at a cost of £59.99 (USD $82).

No word yet on when the phone will be available in the US. The Post has reached out to Nokia for further information.

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