How to Install Solar Roof Tiles Step By Step Guide

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If you want to power your house with a fully integrated solar system, solar roof tile is one of the best solutions. Solar roof tiles can be installed on so many types of roofs by using a variety of techniques. Installation of solar roof tiles may depend upon the material of the roof. Gain Solar is providing high-quality solar roof tiles to ensure you get the perfect all-in-one solution.

There is a specific procedure to install solar roof tiles that is not only easy but also makes your roof brand new and stylish. If you want to know more about solar roof tiles and their benefits you can Click here to visit the website of Gain Solar.

In this article, you are going to know about the installation process of solar roof tiles. This is a step-by-step guide to provide you with proper information related to solar roof tiles. You will also let know the advantages of using solar roof tiles instead of solar panels so without any further delay let’s get started.

Installation Process

The installation process is now possible by using appropriate techniques and materials. Traditional roof tiles are exchanged with these solar roof tiles. This is two in one solution. So let’s check out the installation process of solar reptiles

Step 1: Assessment

The first step in the construction of any project is assessment. Installers of these solar roof tiles inspect and take exact measurements of the roof. The exact measurement of placement and location of the energy Storage battery is determined in this step.

Step 2: Cleaning

After all the measurements and assessment, the second step begins. In this step, Traditional roof tiles are removed from the roof very carefully that is based on pre-measurement. After removing the tiles the inner structure of the roof and beams can be seen. Space for the installation of solar roof tile has to be created.

Step 3: Installation of Brackets and Rails

After determining and creating the correct space and dimension for solar roof tiles now bolts will be used to attach PV brackets. These TV brackets are attached to the beam frame at the connection point. It makes sure that seal uses a specific waterproof material.

Step 4: Installation of Solar Roof Tiles

Now the installation of solar roof tiles is at its ending stage. Start placing the tiles in the bottom row like regular tiles. Once the tiles are installed connect the electrical system and take the test to make sure that it is working accurately.

Advantages of Installing Solar Roof Tiles

Advantages that you can get after installation of solar roof tiles include the following.

  • Solar roof tiles are affordable and cost cutter
  • They are clean, safe and a great source of electricity
  • You can save a lot
  • They have high strength and longer life span
  • They have a dual waterproof design and tight sealing

Final Words

Installation of solar roof tiles is a very easy process. Use of solar roof tiles not only produces electricity but also makes your roof attractive and stylish. The overall process of installation of solar roof tiles is done by professionals to ensure quality and coverage. This was all about solar roof tile installation.

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