A detailed Guide on Elements of a Pressure washer

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Pressure washers are the most reliable equipment that makes cleaning at home easy. Gone are the days when a person could struggle much trying to scrub a surface to become sparkling clean. With a pressure washer, you can handle the task within a short period and use minimum resources to accomplish even more. One aspect you will love about pressure washers is the extra attachments, such as a pressure washer bracket that can enable you to mount the machine for easy cleaning. However, you must familiarize yourself with the elements making the pressure washer function perfectly. Let us explore more ideas below.

All you Should Know about Pressure Washers.

In the marketplace, there are electric ad gas-powered pressure washers. So, before you purchase one, ensure you understand its functionality and your requirements.

Terms Used in Pressure Washers.

As you buy or read through the manual, you will come across the following terms, and you need to understand them as they play a big role in setting up and using the pressure washer.

  • Cleaning Units (CU) – This is the multiplication of GPM and PSI. When the cleaning unit is higher, the more powerful the machine is.
  • Pounds per square inch – (PSI) – This is the actual measure of the pressure produced by the machine. When the PSI is high, the machine produces water at extremely high pressure.
  • Gallons per minute (GPM) – This is the rate at which the water flows. If the GPM is higher, the machine is less water efficient.

Using the Pressure Washer, the right way

Although the pressure washer works perfectly and leaves the surfaces clean, you should note that the same pressure washer can damage your property. Besides, it can also harm some parts of your body if you don’t handle them with care. That is why you should put the following measures into place before you begin using your pressure washer.

Wear protective gear- Never assume that the task ahead will take you a few minutes, and you don’t need to have protective gear. Always have hand gloves, recommended shoes, eyeglasses, hand gloves, and perfect pants.

Always prepare the environment first – The environment where you are operating the machine should be clean. So, remove any elements that can cause damages and injuries, such as pets, electric wires, plants, furniture, among other items.

Always read the manual – Although you can assume you understand all the basics of pressure washers, you must note that different machines come in different designs and sizes. Besides, the pressure settings are different based on the pressure washer type. Therefore, avoid any possible hazards by reading the manual carefully before using the machine.

Take note of the pressure washer nozzles- The nozzle tips vary in colors, and each color has its purpose. Always note that some extremely high pressure can damage smooth surfaces. That is why you should ensure you use the right nozzle for the right job.


Technical equipment such as pressure washers requires maximum concentration and accuracy when handling them. If you are a beginner or even an expert, ensure you understand the basics required when operating such machines effectively.

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